Account & Endpoint Management

How to get a verified endpoint id?

The issuing of endpoint IDs is currently in a pilot phase. Official members of e.V. will be issued a verified endpoint upon joining the association. With the launch of the Public Beta, end of 2023 Endpoint Identifiers can be created via Stay tuned for updates!

I have lost my access to my personal endpoint

The super disaster! The unyt auth service never stores your private keys for you for security reasons. If you have irrevocably lost your private key for the main endpoint, unfortunately your endpoint and all your data is lost. If you only lost access to an app-specific endpoint, you can always restore the key via

Membership e.V.

How to join the e.V.?

All information can be found on the Membership Page.

How to cancel my membership?

All information can be found on the Membership Page.

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