We are unyt.org! Our platform provides secure and private connectivity for everyone.


The current state of the internet is plagued by issues related to privacy and security, systems vulnerable to attacks, data breaches, and censorship.

It is important to acknowledge that the centralization of the internet is a significant factor in these problems: Centralized systems are subject to the control of a single entity or group, who may use their power to censor information, monitor user activity, or manipulate data.

  • Authoritarian regimes may misuse their power over the internet to silence dissent, restrict access to information, and monitor activities of citizens
  • Companies that control large portions of the internet, such as ISP, major tech gigants and political parties, may use their power to manipulate public opinion, stifle free speech, collect personal data on an enormously large scale, or promote their own interests


The unyt project aims to address these issues by providing a decentralized and privacy-focused alternative to the classic internet.

The unyt.org ecosystem provides a full-featured platform for developers to create secure and reliable decentralized applications, running on the open-source Supranet Network and the HELIX Blockchain.

The privacy of users is a central concern in the design of the unyt.org ecosystem. All communication between endpoints is end-to-end encrypted, ensuring that only the intended recipients can access the data.

  • Endpoints are authenticated through the blockchain, allowing them to interact with the ecosystem in a secure and private manner.
  • The privacy-by-design approach ensures that users can communicate and interact without fear of their data being intercepted or misused by third parties.

We can make a change!


We need you! Expand your horizons, dive into our projects and join the Supranet.

We are building the Supranet, a next generation network that closes the gap between the physical and digital space and essentially acts as a globally distributed super-computer.

The Supranet is built with the lessons learned from the last decades. Fundamental web protocols like HTTP, TCP/IP and DNS still form the base for Supranet information exchange, but are more or less redundant due the DATEX protocol that serves as the backbone and universal language of the whole network.

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A Communication protocol that provides realtime data exchange and synchronization in the Supranet.View more


A full-stack web framework based on DATEX.View more

unyt Me

Our endpoint manager for your secure access to the Supranet.View more


The Supranet's anonymous transparent blockchain.View more


We need support and want to make the project grow with your contribution.

Our vision for unyt.org is to establish a Community-Driven Open Source Project managed by unyt.org e.V.. We are a dedicated non-profit team of developers, experts and other supporters.

In order to cover development, advertising investments, expert salaries and operating costs, our project needs funding to remain entirely independent.

unyt.org does not seek investment, as we place great value on independence as a non-profit project. As a non-profit project, we want to focus on the needs of our community and users and make a valuable contribution to society, not generate profits.

You, as an individual or organization, can be a key contributor in shaping the future of the internet and ensure that we can establish an open, accessible and equitable space for all with our work on the Supranet!

You can support unyt.org e.V. here.

You can find our sponsors at unyt.org/sponsors.

Closing gaps between...
  • Humans
  • Bots
  • Computers
  • IoT
  • The world
So we can achieve...
  • Digital Democracy (Anonymous digital elections)
  • Digital Identities (One account representing the human identity)
  • Seamless Login (Password-less login)

Our Vision

The democratic Internet for the world.

Open Source

We love open source! All unyt.org projects are available under an MIT-License and free to use for everybody.

Community Driven

We seek to have the entire unyt ecosystem maintained by its community. In fact, we don't want to be a centralized entity.


In unyt's Supranet, users have end-to-end encrypted communication channels.


There is no possibility for big major players to arbitrarily censor or keep information information from the public.


unyt will not be controlled by a single entity. The Supranet is a decentralized network where everybody is equal!

Data Ownership

In unyt's Supranet, end-users full control over their personal data!


A few questions we have to answer!

Oh wow, just another Web 3.0 showcase?

After the big hype about "Web 3.0", the term is now often associated with negative connotations. We have made the decision to avoid using the term "Web 3.0" in the context of the project, although unyt as an overall project covers some aspects that could be placed in the "Web 3.0" area
The term "Web 3.0" is often associated with fraud and misinformation in the cryptocurrency space.
The numerous cryptocurrencies that suddenly appeared out of thin air and turned the original vision of Bitcoin, a global decentralized currency, into a speculative asset and decentralized Ponzi scheme, have increased distrust of the Web 3.0 concept.
Many scammers also exploited the hype, taking large amounts of money from trusting people with little crypto experience. In addition, the term "Web 3.0" was also misused by some companies to promote their products and services without really understanding the underlying technologies and their potential impact.

While Web 3.0 originally stood for the next generation of the Internet with full decentralization, privacy and security, the term now exists mainly as a buzzword associated with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. That's why we want to distance ourselves from the term "Web 3.0" with unyt. However, the unyt project fundamentally follows the original vision of Web 3.0.

We aims to address the privacy and censorship issues on the existing Internet by building a secure and fully decentralized network that places the highest priority on protecting human rights and is built on a privacy-by-design approach. The use of blockchain technology and other cryptographic methods, as well as the introduction of another cryptocurrency, are not the ultimate goal of unyt, but steps necessary to achieve the overall mission of creating a fully decentralized network with no need for a central authority.
Furthermore, the unyt project is also developing a form of the Semantic Web, which is sometimes also referred to as Web 3.0.
The focus here is on enabling data exchange between different institutions and apps and making all data on the web machine-readable.

Can I get rich with unyt.org?

No, you won't be able to speculate with unyt cryptocurrency.
But you can build your own app or business with unyt.org and you can get started right away without investing a single penny! Your unyt.org app is available on the Supranet and on unyt.app without having to pay for a server.

What are the benefits of unyt.org for me as a developer?

The unyt.org platform offers a sophisticated solution for the simple and efficient development of decentralized applications.
While the focus is on web technologies, other systems can also be easily integrated with the appropriate interfaces.
As a developer, you don't have to worry about everything that happens between your users, servers and devices.
The unyt.org framework and Supranet takes care of tasks like:

  • data synchronization
  • state management
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Authentication and user management
  • Authorization management
  • Version management

Endpoints can communicate not only within your app, but also between other apps on the Supranet, while still being able to use encryption, synchronization, and permissions management.
And all this without having to make your entire app available to Amazon or Google.
Whether you're building your first website, a complex application or a distributed system, unyt.org makes development process easier than ever!

I have nothing to hide. Why do I need unyt.org?

The phrase "I have nothing to hide" is frequently used as a justification for surveillance practices performed by institutions. The mentioned phrase represents a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature and moral and ethical implications of these practices.
Human rights are inherent and universal, meaning they belong to all people regardless of their circumstances - The right to privacy is a cornerstone of a democratic society and its erosion can have far-reaching consequences: The chilling effect on free speech and political dissent that results from widespread surveillance undermines the very foundations of every (democratic) society. The right to privacy encompasses the freedom to communicate and form relationships without undue government intrusion, and it is essential for the protection of individual autonomy and dignity. The right to privacy and private communication is crucial for the exercise of other human rights, such as freedom of speech and association. Without the right on privacy, individuals may be reluctant to express their opinions for fear of retaliation or scrutiny.

In conclusion, the argument that one should not be concerned about government surveillance because they have "nothing to hide" overlooks the critical importance of the right to privacy and fails to recognize the fundamental nature of human rights and the importance of protecting privacy. Protecting privacy is simply about concealing illegal or embarrassing information, but rather about protecting the dignity and autonomy of individuals.

Total anonymity? Isn't that problematic?

The fact that unyt can be used as a platform for completely anonymous communication has been met with criticism in terms of possible misuse by criminals.

  • "Is this like the pendant to the DarkWeb?"
  • "The perfect platform for criminals?"
  • "Nice, I can stream Movie4k without tracking!"

Even without unyt.org, there are numerous ways to pursue illegal activities on the internet - the danger of possible abuse by criminals always exists everywhere.
But that should not stop us from creating a better way for people in general to communicate privately and anonymously.

What is unyt.org about?

Overview of the components of the unyt.org project

The Supranet

With the Supranet, we are introducing a global decentralized network that connects people, organizations, applications or devices around the world. Everyone participates as an "endpoint" in the Supranet.

Communication via DATEX

With DATEX, we introduce a new full-stack communication protocol as a high-level programming language used for secure, targeted and discrete communication between endpoints.

Web Development with UIX

We are trying to shape the future of distributed application with our full-stack web framework UIX, which uses the latest technologies and DATEX to bridge the gap between front-end and back-end.

Safety with HELIX

With HELIX, we are introducing a self-developed blockchain solution to the unyt.org ecosystem. Thanks to the latest cryptographic technologies, we can combine data authenticity, security and data protection into HELIX.

Latest news in the unyt.org ecosystem

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