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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I donate to project?

Public Donations

Anonymous Donations

  • ETH: 0x6c361bf7ADEad0C3406B26BFf188b6Ce91eF3175
  • BTC: bc1qzd6tlaqmzh92hm8tpa0rqvtry6l0nf7gtt7z9n
  • XMR: 46Ea3UL6xScJMeVfd29tXaXnDkBXbfL5DEpJSAGAVA8w6LhfXo5DvgX5Ly3n8X25BaCpYZcvWRaAGK1We82mkvL32X9CcGG

Do you need to be a Sponsor to contribute?

No, anyone can freely participate in any of the communities and projects.

What will my funds be used for?

We want to be as transparent as possible and include any expenses that will be covered by donations raised through sponsors. We are committed to ensure that all donations will be exclusively used for following purposes:

  • Legal stuff (company formation, legal support, trademarks)
  • Infrastructure (domain costs, server hosting, third-party services, setup)
  • Project work (staff salaries, advertisements, future technology)

Do I need to make a donation to use

No. The project and all services developed by the project are completely free to use.

Is there a maximum donation?


Is there a minimum donation?

Yes. The minimum donation limit of $5 helps deter fraud.

Can I restrict my donation to a particular purpose or project?


I donated cryptocurrency, where is my receipt?

You will not receive an automatically generated receipt when you donate in the form of cryptocurrency. If you need a receipt, contact us at with confirmation of your transaction.

If I want my donation to be anonymous, what is the best way to donate?

You can donate via cryptocurrencies that preserve your anonymity. You can buy cash gift cards and send them to us digitally.

Why should I support the project?

As a non-commercial collaborative open-source project, we rely on volunteer help and financial support.

Encourage anonymity and data protection

The mission of is to protect people from digital surveillance and data collection and to help developers safeguard their user data. By supporting us, you can help people around the world maintain their privacy.

Strengthen basic democratic values

The project enables free access to information and supports free exchange of opinions. By supporting the project, you promote the basic democratic values of freedom of expression and support people who fight against injustice and oppression.

Promotion of independent journalism

The project provides journalists and whistleblowers with a secure platform to share information anonymously without fear of being prosecuted or censored. By investing in the project, you enable investigative journalism to create a more transparent society.

Support the global internet freedom

With, we promote global Internet freedom by enabling people to access information that might otherwise be withheld from them. Help promote an open and accessible Internet culture without censorship.

Building a secure business environment

By supporting the project, your organization is helping to create a more secure business environment. By promoting privacy and security, proprietary networks and communications systems can be protected and safeguarded against potential cyberattacks and data leaks.

Support for future innovation

The project is an open source technology that is continuously being developed and improved. With projects like DATEX and UIX, the development of distributed applications is enormously simplified and offers an enormous increase in efficiency.