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It's 2020 - In the ever-evolving landscape of the internet, a group of young German students embarked on a journey with a vision: to cultivate a safer digital space through decentralization and data-ownership: The Supranet!

It's 2024 - What began as an aspiration has now transformed into a formidable force for change, marked by professionalism and commitment. Let's delve into the story of unyt.org and its evolution from humble beginnings to a structured non-profit organization.

The Genesis of the Vision

Are we visionaries, weirdos, some guys with a good idea, a couple of students with boredom? This rhetorical question, posed by our founders, reflects the uncertainty and audacity that characterized their initial endeavors. However, amidst this ambiguity, one thing was clear to all of us – a collective dissatisfaction with the prevailing norms of the internet. Driven by a shared vision, we aspired to foster a just, open, and fair network, free from the shackles of single points of failure, surveillance and censorship.

A Foundation of Expertise

With a diverse array of expertise in software development, web engineering, network engineering, and IT security, the small team behind unyt.org comprised young, yet highly skilled specialists. Our cumulative experience laid the groundwork for the ambitious project. Armed with determination and proficiency, we embarked on the journey to actualize our vision.

Embracing Non-Profit Principles

Central to the ethos of unyt.org is its unwavering commitment to open-source and non-profit principles. From its inception, the project has staunchly aligned itself with the open-source software movement, recognizing the inherent value of transparency and collaboration. Our dedication to fostering a community-led initiative underscores our belief in the universal accessibility of the unyt.org platform.

As unyt.org continued to gain traction and momentum, the need for structure and organization became increasingly apparent. Recognizing this imperative, the project transitioned from a loose collective to a formally established non-profit organization – unyt.org e.V. This legal entity not only serves as the project's maintainer but also facilitates the onboarding of new members and the implementation of streamlined processes.

A Future of Promise

Today, unyt.org reflects our vision for the ever-digitalizing world. What began as a passion project has evolved into a bastion of professionalism and innovation. As it continues to grow and adapt, the project's future is brimming with promise, offering a glimpse into a more equitable and secure digital future for all.

Core Team

All the members of our mixed team share the same vision: we want to shape a fair internet!

Jonas Strehle

Co-Founder, Head of unyt.org e.V., Developerjonasstrehle

Benedikt Strehle

Co-Founder, Head of Development, DeveloperbenStre

Tim Köhler

Co-Founder, Treasurer of unyt.org e.V.KoehlerT

Adrian Siebig

Deputy Head of unyt.org e.V., Head of public relationsasbng