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How can I support the project?

Due to the complexity of the project, there are many different ways to help with the development and distribution of our vision.

Get involved in unyt.org e.V.

The unyt.org e.V. is an association of community members responsible for strategic planning, decision making and development of all unyt.org activities. Become an active member of the association and participate in democratic meetings to shape the future of the unyt.org project.

Work with unyt.org technnologies

You can support us by developing your next website, app or service using unyt.org projects like DATEX and UIX. By providing your feedback and suggestions or bug reports, we can adapt and enhance current beta projects to eventually bring them to a release level.

Contribute to the unyt.org projects

All unyt.org projects are open source and free to use. For development we are relying on the open-source development community and welcome any form of support, whether developing source code, adding translations, adding designs, elaborating documentation.... there are no boundaries.

Help us grow

To get enough support and contributors for the unyt.org project, we count on your help: Spread the word about the unyt.org projects, tell your grandma about the vision behind a democratic internet or your friends about UIX and DATEX. Make sure to share our posts on social media or in relevant forums.

The legal entity behind the unyt.org project.

Introduction to unyt.org e.V.

The unyt.org project was born from the idea of creating a digital representation of the democratic world for the Internet.

In order to preserve the spirit of this vision and remain independent, we have decided to establish a democratic association to collectively manage the future of unyt.org:

Welcome to unyt.org demokratische freie Netzwerktechnologien e.V. (german law)!


The purpose of the association is the development, organization and dissemination of a non-commercial democratic network standard DATEX, which provides the basis for secure and anonymous communication in the digital space. The association undertakes the development, maintenance and publication of free associated software solutions.

Non-profit status

The unyt.org project was born out of personal conviction and has the clear intention of establishing a free, democratic Internet - generating profit and maximizing profit are clearly contradictory to this goal. The unyt.org association therefore pursues exclusively non-profit purposes and is in no way designed for commercial use. However, the association can use funds generated by donations for the ideal and financial promotion of the association's purpose*.

Structure of the association

The unyt.org e.V. consists of the two organs Members' Assembly and Board of Directors. The general meeting takes place at least once a year and regularly elects a board of directors, which has the task of managing the association. The executive committee conducts the ongoing business of the association and represents it externally. All decisions discussed in the general meetings have to be decided by democratic majority.

From our point of view, an open source driven community project can only be managed fairly and purposefully by such a democratic construct.


Members can voluntarily take on a wide variety of activities within the association. In addition to development tasks, design, translations, participation in discussion groups, but also strategic topics such as planning meetings, advertisment, social media presence, budget calculations and participation in elections are important tasks that are distributed in the association.
Each member can actively take on tasks depending on availability and commitment, but does not necessarily have to do so. The membership fee for the unyt.org is 24€ per year and compensates the administrative costs.


The admission to the association is to be requested via the form below stating the full name, the private email and the desired endpoint identifier. We reserve a global, unique endpoint identifier of your choice (at least 6 characters) on the Supranet. Upon receipt of your application, we will activate the identifier for your personal unyt.org account after an identity check.

The board of directors will decide on the admission of the member after receiving the application. Once the membership is accepted and the first fee is deposited, the official membership begins.

Download statutes
Thank you
We will contact you via email within the next days and inform you about your membership state. We are glad you are here!

Apply for unyt.org registered association

Send your application request to get part of the unyt.org registered association.
Full name*
Private email*
Membership fee (minimum 24€ p.a.)*
Additional Information
Street address*
ZIP code*
Deine IBAN*

Only German citizens will be approved as member of the legal entity unyt.org e.V. For support questions, head to unyt.org/support.

Who can support the project?

As a non-commercial collaborative open-source project, we rely on volunteer help from the community. We appreciate any support in a variety of ways.

You as Individual

who like to make a change.

Support us in making the project grow and share it with the world!

Share with friends

You as a Developer

for IOT / HW / SW / Web.

Create your app with unyt.org, join our community and work with us.

To Discord

You as an Institution

defending privacy and rights.

Fund this project, create your service with unyt.org and let's make the web secure together!

Contact us

You as a Crypto Expert

if you are willing to assist.

Help us publish a technical whitepaper, work and deploy the HELIX blockchain.

To GitHub

You as a Designer

with an aesthetic eye.

Help us with unyt.org brand design, create designs and make the brand unique.

To Discord

You as a Financial Supporter

helping us to keep this project alive.

Invest in the future, fund this project and help us to grow!

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